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Our goal is that everyone can afford an efficient matchmaking! We use computer-based and psychological methods of analysis do this. On the one hand we want to keep our personnel expenses and other costs as low as possible. On the other hand the methods should reduce your "search effort" and take account of your individual wishes at the same time. To find a partner is not a question of quantity (frequency of contacts), but a question of quality (limit on meaningful meetings) primarily! To achieve our goals a graduate psychologist is supporting us.

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The basic version of our flirtline is completly free. Even so it offers many powerful features to support you in a very efficient way during your partnership search.

With us, there are no "subscription traps" or unwanted promotion calls. To, our premium services are extremely attractive in price and with short running times (3 months). Chargable services are automatically downgraded to the free basic version, if you do not renew this service. (compare § 5 running time General Terms and Conditions)

LiebendeForever mine captures your partnership needs and helps you to find your perfect match. We will create a personality profile of your person to suggest suitable partners. We are willing to advise you individually and with the confidence to discover your life partner.

Fundamentallly we distinguish between the low cost flirtline range from the more expensive, very detailed on your individual situation matchmaking services (personal contract, only for Germany). The personal contracts are ideal for a "discreet" dating or partner search.

You can place an public partner ad on our site. You will find the prices for an ad here. Under Lonely hearts columns you can see and order partner advertisements.

Our website is currently being set up. In the actual version some fetures are not implemented.

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