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  Love is ... a miracle, that is always possible, the evil a fact, what is ever present. (Friedrich Dürrenmatt)

Not registered users could not use our services. The registration and the within powerful basis services are absolutely free! If you want to activate a service with costs, you will get an email from us with a link to activate this service. Only after you have clicked on this link, you have to pay for the ordered premium service. Every premium service over our website will stop after 3 month automatically. You have to order a new premium service if you want to continue!
Our flirtline made a difference between users, who are looking for a partnership and those, who are looking for an "erotic adventure". We seperate the two groups very strictly, cause they have too many different interests! For finding partners we do place you within the same group only.

Have a nice time with our flirtline.
At the time we do not offer any services with costs , but we are thinking about. We have the aim to establish a flirtline with no costs for the users or as cheap as it is possible. But we have to pay for the website, its development or services. May be the users could supply us by ordering premium services from time to time.
But first and foremost Forever mine will offer free services as much as possible for the future!
We need your support. If you have some good ideas or offer some criticism, let us know! We are looking for volunteers to translate into any (German/English->European) language.
Most of our pages are in German at time. Please translate those pages with Google or Microsoft translator.