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After 3 month your contact ad will be remove from the column automatically.
There's no catch or any disadvantages in our promotional offer.
However Forever mine may, without notice to you, at any time revise your ad, refuse or stop it, if you act in violation of German or European law or immorality or your texts violate the Youth Protection Act.

Please keep in mind that your ad is also accessible to children and adolescents as it will be published in a non-closed member area!

To accept your order you have to agree with the Terms of Use and the Gereral Terms and Conditions of Forever mine.
In your ad your first name, your age, your zodiac sign, your ad text and your picture, if you have uploaded any, are public. All the other datas we will only apply for internal use. First time you will get responses to your ad from it's readers over our email system. In this way, your email address will be protected from them! You can answer a reader by your own real email account or not. If you have no email address, register to our flirtline here. On our flirtline you will get an internal message account to use.

If the advertiser and the reader are both members of the flirtline, they only communicate via the flirtline's internal mailboxes assigned to them. In order to use the internal communication processing it is necessary that both are logged in, the reader during looking the contact ads and the advertiser by former editing.

Your photo should have a JPEG format (.jpg) with width to height proportion of 1:1,5 (e.g. 70x105 pixel). Also we support other picture types like BMP-,GIF- or PNG-files. The transmissin time of your photo last so much more, the more the number of pixels are. We will adjust your picture in the width and height automatically, if it does not have the right format (1:1.5)!
Please keep in mind: Your photo and especially the content of your ad text should be the best you can give. The text should be not too long!
You will get an email from us to confirm your ad order. To change datas of an existent email confirmed ad you have to contact to our service stuff. In this case you have to pay 5 Euros, even if you use a costless ad! But you can add not email confirmed ads as many as you want without any costs and until you have not ordered anyone finally. Not confirmed ads will erase after some days.
You will not be able to make any further announcements or change published data yourself before the expiration of a switched ad.
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